The Mpumalanga Marathon was founded in 2018 with a clear objective – 

• We aim to organize a high-quality event that raises funds to help long-distance runners improve their financial or economic status. 

• To promote economic development and tourism through job creation and other economic spin-offs by bringing 

• To promote unity through sports collaboration between government departments and private entities.

• To give runners hope, something they could look forward to annually, knowing it will change their lives. Not all of us can win the lottery, but hard work, discipline, and determination can, not luck. 



• To be the voice and the catalyst for athletic runners. 



• To build a community of runners and promote a healthy lifestyle. 

• To host a world-class ultra-marathon in the City of Mbombela.   

• To promote economic development and tourism.



• To host a world-class ultra-marathon that will contribute one billion rand in the Mpumalanga Province with an aim to promote economic development and tourism.

• To empower athletics runners financially and economically. 

• To assist local running clubs with fundraising skills. 



• The organization is a newly registered Non-Profit Organization with the Department of Social Development on 07 July 2023, Registration No: 294-720. 



1. Integrity

• To remain honest, transparent, approachable, and unbiased in all our workings, decisions, and events.


2. Performance Excellence

• To take ownership of our responsibilities, work effectively, efficiently, and professionally, and ensure a positive, sustainable impact on our communities.


3. Service Excellence

• To meet our clients’ expectations at all costs. 


4. Social Consciousness

• To be aware and act on the needs and demands of our stakeholders.


5. Innovation

• To continuously strive and innovate ways to improve the lives of the athletics runners.

• To constantly influence and keep up with the sporting trends. 

• To continuously strive and develop win-win solutions for all our stakeholders. 


Products and Services 

• The organization offers skills development, events management, project management, and fundraising skills for communities towards sustainable and responsible development.

• Promotes healthy lifestyle, discipline and working hard. 


Marketing Strategy

• The organization is targeted at athletics runners and local running clubs committed to breaking the cycle of marginalization and poverty in South Africa.


Financial Information

• Mpumalanga Marathon relies on donations and grants to fund its operations.

• The organization also relies on organizing fundraising events for sustainability.