Dear Exibitor,

We are excited to announce the upcoming Mpumalanga Marathon, a premier event that attracts a diverse group of participants and spectators from across the region and beyond. As we gear up for this spectacular event, we are reaching out to potential exhibitors who wish to showcase their products and services at our Marathon Expo.

The Mpumalanga Marathon Expo presents a unique opportunity for your organization to engage with a wide audience, promote your brand, and display your latest offerings in a dynamic and festive environment. Our attendees range from avid runners and sports enthusiasts to local families and tourists, providing a broad spectrum of potential customers and partners for your business.

Exhibiting at our event will allow you to:

1. Increase Visibility: Gain exposure to a targeted audience passionate about health, fitness, and outdoor activities.
2. Engage with Customers: Interact directly with potential buyers, collect feedback, and build relationships.
3. Launch New Products: Utilize this platform to introduce new offerings and services in a market eager for innovative solutions.
4. Strengthen Brand Presence: Stand out in a competitive market and reinforce your brand identity among a community of health-conscious and active individuals.

We are finalizing the details of the Expo and will soon open applications for exhibitors. We encourage you to prepare your application and consider the potential benefits this event could bring to your organization. Space is limited, and we anticipate a high demand for stalls, so we recommend expressing your interest early to secure your spot.

Further details regarding stall sizes, pricing, and logistics will be provided with the application materials. We are committed to supporting our exhibitors and ensuring a successful and beneficial experience for all parties involved.

Please stay tuned for the official opening of the application process. In the meantime, should you have any questions or require additional information, feel free to contact us.

We look forward to the possibility of partnering with you for the Mpumalanga Marathon Expo and are excited about the opportunity to showcase the best products and services to our community of marathon enthusiasts and visitors.

Warm Regards,

The Mpumalanga Marathon Team